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Have been a collector since I was 9 years old and still am. Started with comic books, trading cards and 45 RPM records. Ran a sports card store for 15 years and closed it in 2004 when NHL went out on strike/lockout.

Kept all my products from store and knew I would eventually get back into the thing I love to do, buy and sell all kinds of collectibles. Lots of my items are mint, not so mint down to not so good. I love things that are not in the best of conditions and saving them from the garbage pile.

Usually they can be had for a good price and therefore I can pass price on. Have lots and lots of items to add and I'm sure it's going to take me quite a while to accomplish that. Everything I own in the collectible field is up for sale but like I say it will take time.

I assure you that 90% of the sports magazines of all makes are one owner, me. That is why some have scribbling on them when you have 4 younger sisters and  brother. Treated with care but some were well read and I filled out a lot of puzzles and such in  certain hockey magazines, Hockey World and Hockey Digest. As for other magazines all the Beatles and Rolling Stone magazine are mine as well as many others, I would say 70% one owner.

Hockey cards were obtained over 15 years in the trading card business. Mainly 1990s early 2000s, sold all my 1988/89 and earlier hockey cards. Was never one for big ticket items, tried to be the Sanford & Son of the sports card industry. Would sooner trade a expensive card for 5 or 10 cheaper ones. So really have no real pricey cards but if your looking for inexpensive cards and well looked after although time and moving them around and working with them I'm sure can't help. Went through all my cards a few years ago organizing them and threw out a few thousand that stood out as not nice cards. So I guess I'm saying these cards should work well in any collection.

When I have more than one of a certain item I will always sell highest grade item first at listed price. After that the price will drop as grade drops. I assure you all products will be checked before shipped to ensure condition matches. As far as CDs, VHS, DVDs they will all be checked for proper play before sent. Eight tracks will not be played and records are fairly easy to judge whether they will play or not. Have been a record collector for 45 years or more and I should know what should play by eye but I will say so in description.

Categories Mario Lemieux, Michael Jordan, Montreal Canadiens, Movies Tv, Music, Patrick Roy, Winnipeg Jets may not show all of their relative items. This is because of site restrictions where products can only be listed in 2 categories. Pretty much all of the hockey and Jordan will be in Gretzky category. For dating items I take great pride in digging for information totally not infallible though. If I do make a mistake it is an honest error and not trying to mislead. I will gladly stand corrected if someone approaches me with data that changes my date. Soda / bottles are hard to find but there is certain criteria for different eras that I try to follow but not foolproof.

Photos are edited somewhat for color and lighting so items may not look exactly as photo on arrival. Tried hard to make sure they looked as they should but a small percentage had to be edited.

Postal delivery preferred method of shipping by Canada Post. Customers can decide differently if they choose and if possible will accommodate. Actual shipping costs only will be charged.

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Thanks, Dwaine Joseph Lawrence